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........ To maintain a social distance(Patented)........ 


“C-FACE” is the world's first “smart mask that works with smartphones”, developed by applying robot technology. with the latest technology, we have redefined the "mask" that had been only protecting human health.


It delivers your voice to other person's smartphone and realizes "to convert voice into text", "to translate in 8 languages", and "to make minutes of meetings". Also, it can also give an instruction to our robot "cinnamon" from a distance.


Now, the device only handles voice and text. However, we plan to extend its function to visual (AR, VR, etc.) in the future. This is a new communication tool in the rapid progressing online/digital world.

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C-FACE Promotional video 


[Product Feature] How to use

1. Attach it on a commercially available surgical mask.

2. With the mask on, you can send your voice to a person who is away from you. (~ 10 m)
    The other person's smartphone becomes a speaker. 
3. In large meetings, you can speak with your mask and reach everyone.

    It is also possible to make the minutes of meetings.
4. The spoken words are displayed as texts on the smartphone screen.
5. The spoken words can be translated with the highest level of technology.

    (Supports 8 languages)

C-FACE was developed with the concept of "5 Cs";

Clear voice,
Connect with smartphone, 
Cool design,
Clean material,
Combat with Coronavirus.

*The price is planned to be 3,980 Yen with tax. 
*A monthly additional fee is planned to be charged for translation, minutes making function.
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