We want to make a robot that solves some social problems.
Develop a robot with digital intelligence and a realistic body to change the world.

Donut Robotics Co., Ltd. is a robot venture established by engineers and designers.It was founded in 2014 in a garage in Fukuoka. Currently It is registered as a corporation in Tokyo, Singapore and Philippines.

We have continued to develop robots under the theme of "Solving some social problems" and "Creating a new platform".  We have raised a total of approximately 6.5 million yen  from companies which are listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Our robot have been selected for Haneda Airport Robot Project, and have achieved results such as tie-ups with several leading companies in Japan.

In the 2020 epidemic of the new coronavirus, we announced the world's first "smart mask" that applies robot technology. Covered by many media. In the new society brought about by the coronavirus, there are increasing expectations for "robot unattended service" and "monitoring robot online medical care" with low infection risk.

By 2050, we want to change the world with conscious humanoid robots.We will do our best to serve you by developing as much as possible.

​donut robotics CEO /  Taisuke Ono

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( ロイター通信、フォーブスなどからの取材 )

After enrolling in college of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tokyo, he entered the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tokyo. He obtained "Mechanical Engineering Degree, faculty of engineering, The University of Tokyo". He presented at an international conference "The Age of Super Sensing" (New York). Also, won the excellence award at the 18th science and technology student science paper contest. He is in charge of robot mechanism and CAD design.

After graduating from university, he engaged in medical device research and development. After developing a humanoid robot for a major automobile manufacturer, he participated in Mercari R4D and studied social implementation of robots. Taking advantage of the knowledge and experience, he was pointed to the CTO of donut robotics. He is aiming to change the world by developing a robot that has digital intelligence and a realistic body. 

After graduating from university, he started a business as a product and architectural designer. He appeared on many TV shows as "design master". In 2014, he designed the smart robot "cinnamon" and founded donut robotics. With founders of two well-established companies as ancestors, he is the CEO of all donut robotics companies including Singapore.

A Lawyer who graduated the School of Law of Waseda University. Passed the bar examination as a junior of university. After graduating, he worked as a member of Japanese major law firm, and handled subjects of law of large companies including GAFA, and as well as of Japanese governments In 2020, intended to participate in a willing start-up company, joined Donuts Robotics and is now in charge of management of legal strategies.

After studying at the Faculty of Engineering at Fukuoka University, he joined donut robotics for the smart robot development project. He works powerfully as chief engineer and project manager. Devised a "cinnamon" free plan by advertisement. A robot enthusiast with a lot of knowledge both about robot software and hardware. 

A canine (Pomeranian) born in April 2018. She is a donut robotics signboard girl. She plays an important role in welcoming office visitors and improving the image of the company. Height 43 cm, weight 3 kg.

Our wishes and story "Weak venture fights the world"

For a long time, we did not got any attention at all.

At the beginning of our business, many companies refused to form partnerships with us, saying, "We will never partner with an anonymous company like you.", and kept refusing to invest in more than 20 venture capital firms. When I calculated and presented the stock price to investors, I was sometimes yelled at, "Too expensive!".

Regarding robots, we have been laughed at since the conception stage, and when I stated that we aim to popularize the world's number one robot, I was continuously asked, "What can three members do? I also heard the voices of those around me saying, "Designers cannot make robots."

Now, I thank for all the voices.

The willingness to overcome these voices was the driving force behind this time's worldwide response about our product "C-FACE".

All the encouragement from all around us has refined and evolved us.

Over the years, we gradually increased the number of donut robotics fans, engineers, and supporters, finally were adopted for the Haneda Airport Robot Experiment Project, and got partnerships with major companies. And finally, when the "C-FACE" was announced, the news traveled around the world.

We will continue to make big mistakes. And each time we may be told, "It's still crazy!" "It's just mouth!" "It's reckless!" However, those voices will bring us back up again.


We believe that no matter what path we take, we can always fulfill our wishes. Even if we can't do it, our members 100 years later will do. 

I have always told the founding members.

“What is the alphabet next to the future GAFA; acronym for Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple? It is our task to make it “D” for donut robotics. Let's make the world of GAFAD ."

Recently, I feel that there are a lot of dark news.

I would like to show you that even a small Japanese venture company which is from rural areas and have small capital and members can compete in the world. I would be happy if we could deliver such exciting news to today's Japanese society. Although it is an industry that handles digital, online, AI, etc., we will fight the world with Japanese maxim "Nanikuso", which means whatever your suffering, your efforts will be the cornerstone of your future.

It became a long story, but we are really immature like this. Nevertheless, we will continue to fulfill orders from 35 countries. I will do my best without sleep, so I hope you will keep an eye on it in the long run. 


Thank you,​


donut robotics CEO / Taisuke Ono

( ニューヨーク タイムズ紙 に 掲載・2020年7月 )
( ニューズウィーク 世界版・2020年 9月 )
STARTUP CITY誌・2021年4月 )
​( C-FACE ブランディング カード )

( フジ テレビ「めざましTV」キラビト コーナー 2020年 10月 )

( AFP通信社より 世界配信 )
( テレビ東京「チェンジ ザ ワールド」2020年 12月 )
( CNN より インタビュー )
( 日本テレビ「博士は今日も嫉妬する」)
​( 日本テレビ「Good for the Planet」)
2020/7/28 Photographed at the New York Times interview.

 [About company name and logo]

Donut, which have been loved at homes around the world, has a torus structure, and the shape is said to be the basis of the universe. We want to deliver a small happiness to every home like donuts do. The logo, which looks like the Infinity mark, represents the endless expansion of the future of robots and the connection between humans and robots. 

​[Company profile]

​Company Name :  donut robotics Co., Ltd.

Location             :  2-6-7 Minami-Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 

Establishment    :  January 4, 2016

Capital     :  235,100,380 yen

Activities     :  Development and sales of robots and smart masks