We want to make a robot that solves some social problems.
We aim to develop a robot with digital intelligence and a realistic body to change the world.

Donut Robotics Co., Ltd. is a robot startup founded by engineers and designers. We started the business from a garage in Fukuoka in 2014. Currently It is registered as a corporation in Tokyo, Singapore and Philippines. We have been developing "robots" aiming to "Solve some social problems" and "Create a new platform". 

[Our Path]

- Raised a total of approximately 6.5 million yen  from companies which are listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

- "Cinnamon" was selected for Haneda Airport Robot Project, and have achieved results such as tie-ups with several leading companies in Japan.

- Under the pandemic in 2020, we announced a new product called "C-FACE", which is the world's first "smart mask", and fortunately it got many opportunities of media exposure. This might show increasing expectations of "robot unattended service" and "monitoring robot online medical care" with low infection risk in the "new normal" society.

- By 2050, we aim to change the world with conscious humanoid robot.

​donut robotics CEO /  Taisuke Ono

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( ロイター通信、フォーブスなどからの取材 )
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Our Story "A small Japanese startup fights the world" ~ Challenge to CES 2022 ~

We haven't been fully evaluated for a long time since the foundation in 2014.

At the beginning, many companies refused to form a partnership with an unknown company like us, and because of the lack of skill and experience, we experienced rejections of investment from more than 20 venture capital firms.

When we stated, "our products will become most popular in the world.", we heard people around us saying, "What can you do with such a small number of members?"

Probably, the feelings of trying to overcome the voice have brought about the response of the "smart mask". We surely believe that the encouragement from them has helped our evolution.


After adopted for the Haneda Airport Robot Project, we began to get partnerships with major Japanese companies. Over the years, we have gradually increased the number of supporters. And the day has come when our story was published in "New York Times" with the smart mask "C-FACE".

Currently we are incubating many ideas. And, we might continue to experience mistakes in developing them, also will be told "crazy!" or "reckless!" every time. However, the voice will encourage us to stand up.


We believe no matter which path we choose, our wishes will come true. Even if we can't, our members must be going to accomplish 100 years from now .


I have always told the founding members, "What is the alphabet next to GAFA (the acronym for Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) in the future? It's our job to make it 'D', meaning donut robotics. Let's make the world of GAFAD." We will do our best every day so that it does not end up with only a dream.


​Recently, there are full of gloomy news around the world. Then, we want to encourage everyone around us by showing rural origin, small capital, small start Japanese venture company fighting the world. (We will exhibit in "CES" held in Las Vegas in 2022.)

Although we are in an industry that deals with digital, online, AI, we will fight the world with the "weed spirit" that Japanese people have. We hope you will continue to watch over us in the long terms.


                                  donut robotics CEO  /  Taisuke Ono

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Our perspective ... Both 2 axes are important.
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(Published in The New York Times, July 2020)
(Newsweek World Edition, September 2020)
(STARTUP CITY Magazine, April 2021)

(Fuji TV "Mezamashi TV" Kirabito, October 2020)

(Distributed worldwide from AFP Communications)
(TV TOKYO "Change the World", December 2020)
(Interview from CNN)
​(NTV "Good for the Planet")
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2020/7/28 Photographed at the New York Times interview.

 [About company name and logo]

Donut, which have been loved at homes around the world, has a torus structure, and the shape is said to be the basis of the universe. We want to deliver a small happiness to every home like donuts do. The logo, which looks like the Infinity mark, represents the endless expansion of the future of robots and the connection between humans and robots. 

​[Company profile]

​Company Name :  donut robotics Co., Ltd.

Location             :  2-6-7 Minami-Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 

Establishment    :  January 4, 2016

Capital     :  235,100,380 yen

Activities     :  Development and sales of robots and smart masks