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Adopted for "Haneda Airport Robot Experiment Project 2017 "


What is the smart robot "cinnamon"?


[At the reception of companies and facilities]
"cinnamon" works not only at the airport, but also at public facilities and corporate receptions. It is possible to deal with customers who come to your office and introduce your products. It also has advanced translation functions.

[For home watching and crime prevention]
Control your "cinnamon" remotely with your smartphone, wherever you are. With "cinnamon", you can watch over infants, the elderly, and pets.

[Voice health check]

We diagnose the degree of health from human voice. In addition, we plan to add functions that are useful for your daily life.


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"Reception robot demonstration experiment at Kashiwanoha campus" with Mitsui Fudosan

"Robot do not get infected with a virus"
We are developing "online medical care" and "unattended service" software as a robot against the corona virus.
"Online medical care" is attracting attention as a means to mitigate hospital infections and medical collapse, and "unmanned service" is expected to prevent contact between people.
It is considered that these measures by a small and easily operated robot are highly useful for the elderly and young children, who cannot use smartphones.

What cinnamon can do

1. Reception/service
・Advanced translation
・Multilingual facility guidance

2. Medical
・Remote medical consultation (under development)
・Transfer and manage blood pressure and activity meter data

3. Security
・Security camera function
・Face recognition

4. Watch over
・External control with smartphone
・Video/still image recording from outside