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New earphone "clip EAR" promotion video


clip EAR is a brand new earphone with various functions such as “online meeting subtitle display” (taking minutes), “simultaneous interpretation”, “smartphone connection”, and “transceiver”.

clipEAR heading①.webp

With clip EAR, you can use the "meeting minutes/subtitle system".  

Clip EAR is the best tuned earphone for using this system.

If you use clip EAR during online business meetings, you will be freed from taking memos and can concentrate on the conversation.

The transceiver function is useful at restaurants and construction sites.

clip new transceiver.webp

The walkie-talkie function is useful such as in restaurants and construction sites.

clip new simultaneous translation.webp

If you do not have clip EAR, you can use your smartphone to translate between each other's devices.

clip New AI smartphone cooperation.webp

You can control smartphone AI without taking out your smartphone.

clipEAR heading②.webp

Check out our proprietary high speed subtitles.

If you purchase clip EAR, you can use the "meeting minutes/subtitle system".  Clip EAR is the best tuned earphone for using this system.

online meeting in real timeSubtitle display, translation, and meeting minutesalso create

clip EAR will be your personal scribe.

clip fast forward.gif

(The real-time subtitle display technology was originally developed by Donut Robotics.)

If you have a clip EAR for a meeting partner who does not have a clip EAR,

Capable of displaying subtitles, etc.I plan to

(In this case, there may be conditions and restrictions such as usage time and additional charges.)

clip new 4 division.webp

You can change the type, size, and background color of the text, so you can create an online app full of originality.meetings possible.

In particular, the anime-style characters under development are impressive.
(*This is a screen under development. The release may be delayed.)

clip minutes heading.webp
Number of people with hearing loss in the world.png
ClipEAR usage icon for people with hearing loss.jpg

By 2050, it is predicted that 900 million people around the world will suffer from hearing loss, and this is a major social problem.


Supporting the social activities of hearing-impaired people is one of our important initiatives in line with the theme of "Good Health and Welfare for All" in the "SDGs concept" for creating a sustainable society.


we Making online life easier for the hearing impairedWe will continue to develop products so that we can

clipEAR heading ③.webp

Clip EAR's walkie-talkie function calls the function by voice input by pressing a button.

clip Walkie-talkie image illustration ①.jpg

〇 For staff cooperation at restaurants and apparel stores.

clip Walkie-talkie image illustration ②.jpg

〇 At construction sites and other sites where communication is required at a distance.

clip simultaneous translation function.webp
clip simultaneous translation.jpg

If you talk with each other using clip EAR, you will hear words translated into each other's native language in each other's clip EAR.

Even if only one side has clip EAR, translation communication is possible using the smartphone app.

Clip reception available.jpg

At the reception, translation is performed in conjunction with a special device (sold separately).

clip product specification heading.webp

earphone type device
​Product name: clip EAR

clip product specifications.webp

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